El Kadab Aho: No Stick, No Corruption

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is ridiculous that almost a year into our revolution we still have to die to show that nothing has changed. That the selfsame criminal gang still resides in power. That The World would rather watch us die, thinking that they are in fact protecting their interests, than to stand by us to attain our freedom. Lest it happen to them.


SCAF, MB & Salafis.. protectors of democracy ?



The now-notorious-sticker, symbolizes not the true quintessential columns of equality and justice, but rather a US-branded mutation that allows ‘their elite’ to rule unheeded.

All the while gambling with the destinies of nations they have never called home.

To the point where it seems a Saudi or GCC-sponsored motion for the Islam-esques to ‘get out of jail free, pass GO and collect $200’ is fully backed by the US in its shaping vision of post-spring Arabia.

And as always us the people will pick up the cheque. And the pieces.

Many ‘reasonable’ SCAF-well-wishers are beginning to listen to voices that say that SCAF picked the ‘Council of Consultants’ as a mere window front and have proceeded with their agenda of violence unheeded. Else what do you call a council of consultants that is not consulted on events such as we’ve witnessed at #OccupyCabinet.

With numerous of the 50-or-so council members submitting resignations and offering ever more heated public denunciations, SCAF is left standing alone in the spotlight with dirty diapers and chocolate all over its face- [probably their next-closest allies at this time are the islamesques, still overjoyed with prospects of winning more Parliamentary seats, or US-sponsored dominion over us, to realize what is happening].

Also if Ganzoury has full jurisdictional powers, why did he pretend to be a ghost as the bloody day’s events unfolded? Did he seem like someone with the power to stop what was going on? And to even bring Toushka up in the middle of all of this shows how out of touch the best of the Old guard really is.

Lastly, Tantawi’s words are pure lies and insult to ALL Egyptians; as always videos, photos, and ‘twitter-testimonies’ have been online and detailing the true nature of the events, for anyone interested, for many hours already, even before T’z enlightening speech.

Either he has the power to curb the bloodshed, in which case he is to be held responsible for every drop of blood & every injustice. Or, more likely, he is just another puppet, a fall guy, that holds no real strings but is a window front himself for the power behind the throne, and thus the violence will end when these powers want it to end.

In their bid to kill our revolution & ALL revolutions.

Or it will end when enough of us wake up.


Many people know and have documented cases of corruption in the Army. Rumor has it that it is so corrupt that people don’t think it would last 2 hours against their fabled arch-rival Israel. Honestly, as Israel probably already knows, it’s the Ligan Shaabiya [neighborhood watches] that they should fear- the True Egyptian youth. And the protestors; who shine a light and try to see a path through this darkness that has descended upon us for so long, that it is easy to forget who you are or what you stand for. We shine a light that we may exit this dark cloud once and for all, all of us, united in love for Egypt, for each other, and for humanity everywhere.

I love this ‘Egypt Decides’ campaign everywhere, SCAF couldn’t have said it better

It is simply a choice for all of us at each moment, between being the old ‘us’ or what we want our country to be…


And I believe more & more Egyptians are saying NO to ‘The Stick’ & NO to corruption.




And Ismail in July sit-in…

And Ismail today…







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