Revolution in Crosshairs : To Bleed Or Not To Bleed for SCAF

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...which master do you serve ?



Realizing that their popularity had hit an all-time low- as evident by the millions that took to the streets on 25 Jan 2012 unanimously chanting that SCAF has to hand over power immediately- SCAF had to find a means to restore their popularity with the people- at least if they are still dreaming of a ‘Safe Exit’…

A Safe Exit that was welded shut in the face of young Ahly fans…



Please pray for the souls lost in Port Said & all the martyrs of our revolution.. may their light shine on our path and lead us forward ( ((*)) )


Distract.. Divide & Conquer… Time & time again…

In Mubarak’s days, the Government and the Police used to say that the Emergency Law only applied to terrorism and drugs, yet used these ‘exceptions’ to terrorize Egyptians everywhere and trample our rights and dignity with zero-accountability.

Now only days after SCAF’s ‘theoretical’ lifting of the Emergency Law –which they insisted still applies to ‘thugs’ [and as added by the new Minister of Interior in his spiel in Parliament; still also applies to drug offences], we can surmise then that the only thing different between the Emergency Law that was pre-25 Jan 2012 and its ‘lifting’, is the fact that SCAF have maneuvered the ‘terrorists’ to a safe-zone. And how could they not? After all it was SCAF’s directing of the political scene after Feb 11 that allowed names on security’s terrorist watch list, to become full-fledged, bonafide Members of Parliament, or even better- prospects as Presidential candidates.

Not that I’m saying that their names should have been on a terrorist watch-list in the first place, but instead merely pointing out who seems to have joined SCAF’s exclusive power club



Between 73 and 80 dead in less than 2 hours in the Port Said Stadium Massacre.

Al Ahly lost the match 3-1 & then the players stood witness as scores of club supporters were killed. Some of the witnesses claim that their friends were being thrown from the stands to their death.

Inside the CSF & Police forces did not lift a finger to avert the violence and instead opened the spectator gates and channeled the Port Said ‘fans’ to attack the 1,200 Ahly supporters who made it to Port Said. At the same time the Exit gates for Al Ahly as well as the Emergency gates to the stadium & the only escape points possible for the Ahly fans under attack, was allegedly padlocked shut by a 3aqid in the police, cornering the Ahly fans who were mostly young men and students.

Outside Port Said stadium the 2nd Field Army was stationed, listening to the screams of those dying and still not lifting a finger to defend the defenseless; thus they kept true to the security plan [Police and Army] laid out for the night…

Ambulances were not allowed to enter the stadium and tend to the injured and dying, thus Port Saidi civilians used their private cars and motorbikes to rescue Ahly supporters. Once the coach & team of Al Ahly appealed to TV stations using their phones to come to the rescue of Ahly fans did security forces allow ambulances to enter the stadium and provide medical assistance…



Cacophony of Coincidences

This is the first match between Al Ahly & Port Said Al Masry club in the history of encounters between the clubs in Port Said, where Port Said’s Head of Security [General Essam Samak], as well as the Governor of Port Said [also a General- Ahmed Abdallah]are not present.

The Minister of Interior had just removed General Sami El Rouby, the previous Port Said Head of Security on 20 Jan, independently and without apparent or declared reason, and without this being the customary time for police transfers. He replaced him with General Essam Samak; who appeared before the match, then disappeared when his forces opened the gates to Al Masry fans and beckoned them to take their revenge from Ahly fans who insulted their manhood, then General Samak subsequently reappeared after the massacre to oversee the transport of the victims, after TV stations had gotten word that ambulances were not allowed into the stadium to rescue the injured.  

Many Masry [Port Said Football Club] fans claim that they witnessed security forces spurring Masry fans to attack Al Ahly before and during the match.

Stadium lights were shutdown as soon as match ended- [reminiscent of lights being shutdown in Mohamed Muhmoud and Tahrir when police wanted to attack and decrease the risk of anyone being caught on camera].

It is customary for the Police to start ‘security measures’ days in advance of any big match, and ALWAYS on the day of the match the fans from both sides are searched for any weapons [knives, fireworks, even gas lighters], or items that may be used to inflame opposing sentiment- such as signs insulting the other team or even bottled water that can be thrown across and inflame the rival fans. In Port Said the police did not perform searches, they didn’t even look to see if people entering were ticket-holders. Furthermore, once inside PS Stadium, Masry fans could choose to sit wherever they liked, even the booth that is usually preserved for journalists and VIPs. One Ahly sign that was allowed to pass unheeded with the absence of any searches was one that basically said that ‘PS had no men’ ..

بلد البالة ماجابتش رجالة


The offending sign mocking Port Said men..

Once Ahly fans noticed that this sign was erected they quickly brought it down.. but the excuse was already made.. a motive had been contrived

It seems that ‘the plan’ did not take into account that Al Ahly would lose the match, thus it seemed absurd that the Port Saidi victors instead of celebrating, chose to bloody their hands and massacre their Egyptian brethren.

Police & Central Security forces were absent from their customary position in ANY football match- which is at the foot of the stands; to prevent any of the fans from accessing the football pitch or approach the rival team’s supporters..   If a small number of fans make it to the field, they are encircled by security and removed. If a large number of fans attack the field, then security encircles the teams and referees and escort them to the changing rooms, all the while preventing rival fans from reaching each other. In Port Said security did not even protect Ahly club players; witnesses say security lined the sides of the corridors leading to the changing rooms, and yet they simply looked on and did not prevent those attacking the players from following them to the changing rooms.

On Sep 6 2011 in Aswan in a Cup Championship game, security forces attacked Ahly fans killing one fan, beating scores and arresting many. The Ahly fans were singing a song insulting Mubarak’s Minister of Interior, Habib El Adly, who currently stands trial along Mubarak for the killing of protestors during the first days of the revolution…

Perhaps Al Ahly’s recent penchant for chanting “Down with Military Rule” at every match did not go down well with SCAF…

Or perhaps it was the giant flag in their last game which said: Army decide- either SCAF or The Revolution

You can see below how security forces can choose to act when so inclined; as they did on New Year’s Eve [31 Dec 2011] when Mahalla fans took to the pitch in protest of a goal for Ahly that the referee counted as good. In seconds ‘security’ had rounded up both teams and the referees to safety and Central Security Forces stood firmly in 2 rows in the center of the pitch, preventing Mahalla fans from reaching Ahly supporters. Needless to say none of the fans, nor the teams, or refs suffered any injuries that night…


Above: Ahly x Masry Feb 1 - Below : Ahly x Mahala Dec31


One of the thugs detained by the citizens of Port Said claims that Gamal Omar [ex-NDP & a businessman and friend to Mubarak’s son Gamal] along with an MP from Bahr El Baqar hired 600 thugs, mostly from Damietta to come to Port Said with arms and precipitate events.

Many find it highly suspect that Port Said’s Masry club president ‘businessman’ Kamel Abu Ali also happens to be ex-NDP and pro-Mubarak. Also many are of the view that twins Hossam & Ibrahim Hassan, who recently moved from Zamalek club to Masry and who are seen to be affiliated with the ‘Asfeen ya Rayyes’ [We are Sorry Mr. President] group, are somehow involved. The twins have spoken out in favor of Mubarak and against the revolution on many occasions, and both are close friends of Mubarak’s son Gamal.

Perhaps it is simply a coincidence that a similar scenario of chaos and pandemonium [known by the public as the Battle of the Galabeyya] occurred in the first internationally televised match after Mubarak left to Sharm, when Hossam Hassan was coaching Zamalek in an African Club Championship [CAF] final. A spectacularly symbolic statement intended for an international audience to somehow imply that Egyptians were not capable of governing themselves without Mubarak…

Another footballer-turned Member of Parliament- turned Sports presenter named Ahmed Shobeir quickly passed his judgment as the chaos unfolded on the pitch after Zamalek’s loss shouting on air “This is your revolution..This is what the revolution has brought us”.

Coincidentally as the events of Port Said unfolded Shobeir was shouting hysterically on air that ‘these deaths were the result of diminishing the authoritative figure of the police’, never questioning how the police did not lift a finger to stop what was happening.

Coincidentally as well, Port Said Head of Security, General Essam Samak, in a TV interview on CBC channel asked the talk-show host and viewers to ‘ask Shobeir about him and how he [Samak] was a role model as an officer and uncompromising when it came to his job responsibilities’

Shobeir, Samak & Chaos..a match made in hell…  


Coincidentally, Mubarak had a huge distaste for Port Said during his time in power and it was generally referred to as ‘the frowned upon Governorate’.. Coincidentally it was on his last visit to Port Said in the 90s that his bodyguards shot an old man dead, who had approached Mubarak’s car window with a piece of paper carrying a complaint. Of course in international media it was touted as an attempt on Mubarak’s life, and the piece of paper mysteriously transformed into a knife, midst claims that Mubarak’s hand was cut in the ‘altercation’




In the lead up to the events in Port Said, the week started with 2 armed robberies; one at an HSBC branch & the other an armored money car. The amateur footage of the HSBC being robbed showed how very much at ease the thieves were; taking their time, with one thief stood outside walking back and forth in the street shooting rounds into the air, as his mates cleaned up the bank before they all jumped into the waiting Jeep Cherokee.. This took over 10 minutes, and it would be many 10 minutes later before the police finally arrived. The message from the police was clear to any would-be armed-robbers- ‘take your time, because we won’t show up and disturb your plans’. Such it only made sense that almost every day since these 2 robberies there has been at least a robbery-a-day. And after the police’s peaceful message to armed robbers, comes their latest message from Port Said- that you can even murder people before their very eyes and they will not lift a finger… Unless of course you’re a protestor chanting or throwing a rock at a building…

 This is happening at a time when more and more crowds are calling for SCAF to hand over power to civilian rule…

This is happening at a time when Mubarak’s trial is nearing its end and they’re running out of cards to play…

This is happening on the anniversary of the Battle of Camels that placed Mubarak, his sons, and the Minister of Interior Habib El Adly and his generals in a cage in the first place…


Now Mubarak can claim that in less than 2 hours, the death toll of Port Said exceeded the deaths on any single day in Tahrir… One can almost imagine his comedian lawyer Farid El Deeb arguing that Mubarak killed Egyptians in Tahrir because if left to our own devises we would kill even more of each other !

Fact: The criminal gang cannot claim that we are incapable of governing ourselves since Mubarak’s stooges: SCAF & Police & Corrupt Judges & Prosecutor General & Governor of the Central Bank & Big Money continue in power and continue to shape our days- or rather crises…


How do these events serve the counter-revolution?


Also with the contrived and manufactured nature of the instigating events [violence by security] in Mohamed Muhmoud [Nov], Ministers’ Cabinet/ #occupycabinet [Dec], and now Port Said.. someone should be asking questions to CASE [Egypt Stock-Exchange] and its monitoring bodies, lest we find out that these events are precipitated so that some can make money on a downward economy??!

Perhaps SCAF are once-again betting that through the media and other methods [sheikhs, fear mongering, destabilization of the economy, security and living conditions..etc] , SCAF can drive Egyptians to becoming dissatisfied enough with the protests to back the security forces in crushing them.

In the first days of Mohamed Muhmoud Street clashes with the MOI, almost ALL Egyptians were with Tahrir after the images of bodies being thrown in a pile of garbage were circulated. As the days went by and as more youth fell dead or injured in Mohamed Muhmoud, the public backing dwindled as SCAF media painted protestors as ‘thugs’ baltagiyya who simply wanted to attack the Police Ministry.

Barbed wire was placed on Falaki & Mansour Mohamed streets and with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood, on Thursday the 24th of November a wall of concrete was erected on Mohamed Muhmoud by the Army, between the protestors and the police forces; who were picking protestors off with buckshots, rubber bullets, live ammo, tear gas [and according to a European Commission report – white phosphorous and depleted uranium].

Less than 24 hours after the events in Port Said, the barbed wire was removed by security forces, allowing free entry to Falaki and Mansour Mohamed; drawing protestors in and closer to the Ministry of Interior than they ever were in November. The concrete wall was demolished.

All to draw us down a pre-planned path…



Tarnishing Tahrir & Putting a Dent in the Numbers


SCAF seem to be systematically and methodically going after the revolution and its leading figures, in an attempt to crush or weaken the opposition against it- namely Tahrir, its most outspoken critic.

The methods vary from arrests over cooked up charges as with Alaa Abdel Fattah and Maikel Nabil, to other forms of security oppression.

There have been rumors that this dragging on of events is an attempt to bleed the revolution, wounding, killing and capturing its most forward figures.


Back in December…

December 18th 1 –  3.30 am [before army storming at 4am & before concrete blocks were placed on Qasr El Ainy St later that day] : Besides the continuous rain of rocks and molotovs from nearby building tops by soldiers clearly in military attire, security forces will every now and again cut off the street lights [such that there is a smaller chance that anyone can film anything incriminating] and then shower protestors with shotgun pellets [cartouches], and twice while people scrambled for safety or remained still for the next lull in fire, soldiers crept up from behind the interrupted barrier on to the closest of protestors with their backs to them and snatched them back to the police side of the barrier. Then you started hearing the cries of those protestors being beaten and tortured. This no doubt infuriates protestors even more and is usually followed by a big wave of their rock-throwing once the army firing stops.

Also like Boudy the Ahly fan who was beaten close to death at 2am on December 16th, many protestors and cabinet sit-in occupiers have been snatched by unmarked cars [including a member of No to Military Trials who was kidnapped in a black Kia].

Rumors have gone so far as to suggest the existence of ‘a list of 35 names’ and the use of snipers in targeting certain activists.

Another method has been sending informers to gather up intel on the #occupycabinet protestors and try to find anything incriminating which can be used for propaganda purposes to steer public opinion against them; such as use of drugs, or accusations of fornication inside the tents, or commenting on ‘the poor appearance’ of some of the protestors, and how ‘there is no way that these are the youth of 25 Jan’, that they are in fact thugs, or anything else which can be used to tarnish the reputation of the group and stir the public towards backing of their forced removal by security.

Still worse even is the attempts to steer the confusion and mayhem of the unarmed protestors to try to paint them as saboteurs; such as accusing them of starting the fire in the Scientific Archives, the archive that has been for years a victim to rats and poor upkeep conditions. All the while the army troops and Fire Authority across the street watched the fire start and intensify for hours without moving a muscle or allowing anyone to intervene. Question is why did the army soldier throwing stones and objects at the protestors stand in the window of the frikkin archive and draw the protestor’s fury there? It’s hard to believe that any of the protestors had any idea the archive existed in the first place, let alone having intentionally targeted it.

Besides that I have witnessed many instances where between us protestors it seems that some persons are planted on our side to intentionally tarnish us by their actions while trying to steer the crowd’s momentum towards a pre-agreed security forces’ plan, in plain English- lead us right into their trap.

Besides all of that it is not unheard of that the Police and the Military Police will harass and detain and frame ‘Tahrir-types’ in checkpoints or if found alone late at night. Probably in the hopes of putting a dent in Tahrir-numbers and creating an atmosphere of fear, that the basic instinct of self-preservation would kick in and place obstacles between people and going to Tahrir.


Officers Hate the Revolution


It is obvious since 25 Jan that many security officers detest the revolution. In fact to some, it seems it has become a personal vendetta which easily seeps to the surface against any mention of ‘rights’ or anything affiliated with 28 Jan and the revolution.


‘Mubarak is your master’ – March 9 Police while torturing detainees at Egyptian Museum


‘Tantawi is your master’– December 16, female protestor’s testimony about her torture and beating after being detained by Army troops in Ministers Cabinet building.


‘Yes I am the one who kidnaps protestors’ – December 16, Police officer to Ahly club-supporter Boudy before knocking him unconscious on the head with the butt of his gun, then abducting him into the Council of Ministers and beating him. Hours later, when they allowed protestors to retrieve his bloodied and almost lifeless body which was beaten to a pulp, the protestors were enraged and this and the burning of the protestors’ tents became the spark for the clashes which continue still after the fall of 12 martyrs.


In almost all testimonies in each event or occasion of physical abuse and torture or Tahrir being stormed since Mubarak’s step down, you will find repeated mention of radical counter-revolutionary bursts and ideologies screamed out by Police, Army and Military Police security forces while beating and torturing protestors.


These officers do not envision themselves as partners in a New & evolving more humane Egypt.. they are simply biding their time, waiting for the right opportunity in Mohamed Muhmoud, Occupy Cabinet, Port Said..

Short of a radical surgical removal of the cancerous core in the Ministry of Interior, expect nothing to change. Perhaps if 10,000 officers who have been accused of ill-doing are fired at once, the rest will shape up and try to keep their jobs by conforming to a new and humane ethos.

I’m not saying there aren’t any decent cops or Army officers out there.. I’m sure there are many [as I myself have encountered some as recent as my arrest from Tahrir on Nov 19].. But as long as officers are being fed this BS of them being masters and us their slaves, and as long as they have their never-accountable boy’s club going, they will simply cheer each other on… Bravo ya Basha









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