Cleaning After A Crime…

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Returning home on 6th of October bridge at dawn of May 5, following the Friday clashes at Abbasseya, despite the Army & Military Police presence on the bridge cars were being allowed to drive through- even though they had announced a curfew from 11 pm Friday to 7 am Saturday.. Noticing the congregations of Police, Army and Military Police i snapped in their general direction from the speeding taxi…

Looking at the photos today it seems I had caught a moment where soldiers at one of the many sites of the Abasseya Massacre, were being asked to look for ‘things’ on the ground and collect them…

Bullet Casings ???! You decide…


Abbaseya Dawn 5 May- Cleaning up the scene of the crime- seems soldiers were being ordered to find and pick up bullet casings




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