Going After The Revolution…

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From the tone of the case papers & the 'anything goes' approach.. the accused may have already been convicted as a media sacrificial lamb & as yet another attack against Tahrir & its goers...

From the tone of the case papers & the ‘anything goes’ approach.. the accused may have already been convicted as a media sacrificial lamb & as yet another attack against Tahrir & its goers…

Yesterday a government employee rang our intercom telling my mother that he had court papers for a criminal case filed against me & 378 others in the events beginning November 19, popularly known as the events of Mohamed Muhmoud…

Dawn of May 5 - After the events at Abbasseya...

Dawn of May 5 – After the events at Abbasseya…

On November 19th I and around 50 others [including 3 girls & two 14 year olds- that seem to be listed as 16 year olds in the new case papers] were abducted by security forces from Tahrir, and its neighboring areas and sidestreets.. only hours after the Egyptians witnessed the despicable scenes of security forces piling up bodies of Egyptians in heaps of garbage [mostly those injured in the 1st 18 days of the Egyptian uprising that were continuing their sit-in in Tahrir and violently attacked by security on Nov 19].

Video starts with 2 thugs going through pockets of the body [probably for valuables & Identification] then a soldier approaches body again to go through pockets another time at 1.16 to 1.24

You can find my personal account and testimonial to the events of Nov 19 up until our release on the night of Nov 21 here…

After over 50 hours of incarceration in a security camp on the outskirts of Cairo, we were told we were to be released immediately and unconditionally. The officers seemed genuinely apologetic and kept trying to distinguish themselves as ‘good cops’, asking us repeatedly over the period of our incarceration to set them apart from the ‘other officers’ who had abducted us from Tahrir and the neighboring downtown streets, and proceeded to beat, torture, abuse and frame us with unfounded charges.
It seemed that these cops in Abdeen & Qasr El Nil precincts had a 2 to 3 hour window to carry out orders to round-up a certain number of people to be accused with trumped up charges, and who would be presented to the Prosecution the next day as the perpetrators who had burned a police truck in Tahrir, and wounded security personnel. As well as little pickings such as illegal congregation, destroying public property and working to destabilize the country.

Once they had the required number of youth and protestors and innocent bystanders to be presented as the accused, they piled us up in police trucks and sent us to where we would be ‘held’..

Using a SIM card that the police had not found with one of us, and a mobile phone from another, and a battery from a third, we managed to start making calls to let people and parents know that we were being used to ‘fill in the blanks’ as the notorious and mysterious ‘3rd Party’ to be charged with whatever BS the police would claim to justify the violence they had committed against the people earlier in the day..

I told those placing calls that in all probability we would be taken to C28 [the military prosecutor] in Asher in Nasr City.. For some reason it was decided that we would not be held there and in fact we were the first batch of youth abducted from Tahrir that would not face a frank military trial in C28.. they would pretend to charge us under a Civil Prosecutor. Later we would all become convinced that it was SCAF pulling all the strings..

Hence, our Nov 21 release when they thought it best served their interests and that it may have a calming effect on the public outrage at the situation in Mohamed Muhmoud Street.

…And NOW SCAF [or rather the ‘Civilian Prosecutor’] formally charging us when they felt it was OK to pick up what they had originally intended to do- crush the revolution and any person[s] harboring or advocating that mindset. Or even anyone caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, to further discourage the masses of having anything to do with Tahrir.

For the record I have never lifted as much as a stone in the face of security. It is a personal belief and choice that in no way belittles those who choose differently. I naively believe that our peaceful approach is our most potent weapon; the flowers we bring, knowledge, love & truth are IMO the shortest route to an Egypt where we all finally understand how we’ve been had..for decades, realize where we truly stand, and then begin to build a new fairer, more compassionate reality based in truth and not lies.

Well I haven’t carried any stones, but I have used a camera and words..

If Tahrir hadn’t risen for the injustice of the 19th of November; be it the deaths of those injured during the revolution and throwing their bodies in the garbage, or be it for the revolutionary figures and members of the media that were being systematically and methodically targeted and eliminated, some of whom lost their lives while some fell victim to the MOInterior’s new strategy of targetting the eyes [such as Ahmed Harara, Malek, Rasha Azab and many others], or even be it for us who had been abducted from Tahrir and downtown and accused of trumped up charges- INJUSTICE WAS RAMPANT EVERYWHERE & had Tahrir not mobilized in Mohamed Muhmoud, there came a moment when we might have actually been shot and thrown in the desert as stated in my account of the events of the 19th.. or at the very least we would not have been released -not after 50 something hours or even 50 something days..

When they released us on the night of Nov 21 [around 8.30 pm]- they simply opened the door to our cell in Al Salam Security Camp and told us we were free to go, along with their apologies for this ‘BIG misunderstanding’ and how at such a critical point of our country’s history mix-ups were to be expected, how obvious it was that ‘we were in fact the youth who fueled the revolution’, and that we should not hold this mix-up by their colleagues against them.

SCAF had already announced hours earlier [around 4 pm] that they had given orders for our release, going as far as actually stating that we had already been released.

I should have known that we’d been had when days later I found that my vote was disallowed in the first round of the Parliamentary elections, as can be seen in these earlier posts



And Now…

31 Pieces of Paper

On May 12 a government rep rang and made my mother sign for the receipt of a copy of the ‘Amr Ihala’ [Case to Court Transfer Papers] accusing me and 378 others. I will try & summarize the absurdity of the charges brought against us…

The case notification copy received was in 31 pages, most of which are the numbers and names and addresses of the accuses.

Page 1 starts with the Case Number and Sub-Case Number [does this indicate a systematic persecution of the revolution?], and that Abdeen & Qasr El Nil Precincts and in turn the ‘Civilian Prosecution’ were filing this case against us, followed by the name of the judge specifically assigned to this case [Qadi Muntaddab] named Ahmed Abulaziz Abdulmigued Qatalan.

Qatalan in Arabic means ‘2 kills’.. as he is twice our killer:

Once for committing his name to such a shameful document in the first place..

And a second time for in all probability suspecting that this mix of charges is concocted, knowing that the many of the 379 names had been freed with apologies ‘for the mix-up’, yet to turn around and charge them still…

Not very honorable your honor.

Under the judge’s name in bold it says :
‘After reviewing the documents and what has transpired within them in investigations, We Accuse :’


Then for the remainder of the first page and for another 27 full pages it lists the 379 accused with their age and home details.. Like I’m 299, says my name, 35, Medical Student at Qasr El Aini & my address. Each page is stamped & signed.

On Page 29, after fitting the final 4 names of those accused, the Legal Irregularities begin :

[continuing from bold on Page 1]…

‘ That they committed from the period of November 19, 2011 to December 1st 2011, in the jurisdiction of Abdeen & Qasr El Nil Precincts, in the Governorate of Cairo

 First :- All the Accused

Major Point : Before we get any deeper, let me just point out that every name on the list is being charged with every accusation dished out by these 2 precincts and the prosecutor from Nov 19 to Dec 1, regardless of whether they were in Tahrir or not, in police custody or not, or anything else that would make it a physical impossibility to commit said crimes on said dates ! For instance protestors who threw rocks at the Ministry of Interior on the 20th when I was already in Police Incarceration, their accusations are being added to mine, as mine are added to them, and every accusation leveled against any protestors in the days to follow until Dec 1st is shared by us all, regardless of time and place of arrest, and subsequent release!

So anyone the officers of those 2 precincts managed to get their hands on in those 13 days is being given Judge Qatalan’s bonafide stamp of thuggery, the very essence of what is destroying the heart of our nation- as will be evident from the breakdown of the colorful charges.

First :- All the Accused Congregated, along with unknown others, with the intention of committing violent crimes and attacks on ‘Men of Public Power’ [what does that really mean??]
رجال السلطة العامة
..and especially that they [the accused] were carrying weapons and tools to induce death and injuries, which they did commit, to thus fulfill the intention and result they were seeking through their congregation, which they were fully aware of


The following crimes :

1. Used, along with unknown others, force against Public Employees and Persons Delegated with Public Service, to obstruct them- without their use of their personal right to refusal of work- preventing them from carrying out and fulfilling the obligations and tasks of their jobs.

This was due to the fact that they carried firearms and blade weapons, and other instruments designed to induce death and injuries. That they assaulted the officers and police personnel entrusted with securing the location of the Ministry of Interior and the Governmental buildings in its vicinity, thus preventing them from protecting these structures using firearms, blade weapons, incinerating devices and rocks, which lead to some casualties amongst them [attackers?] and the injuries described in the medical reports, which did not fulfill their intention as is evident from investigation papers.

2. Inflicted with premeditation, along with unknown others, on the Police officers and soldiers whose names are stated in the investigation, the injuries described in the medical reports annexed, the injuries which have debilitated them and prevented some of them from performing their duties for a period less than 20 days, while preventing others from carrying out their duties for a period of more than 20 days, as is shown in the investigation papers.

3. Sabotaged, along with unknown others, premeditatedly Public Properties and Buildings assigned to Public Services such as the vehicles of the Ministry of Interior, the Building of the Tax Authority for Abdeen & Qasr El Nil, that they broke into it and destroyed almost all its contents in the manner described in the investigation papers.

4. Deliberately Placed, along with unknown others, in non-habitable buildings and not designed for habitation, being the Tax Authority Building for Abdeen & Qasr El Nil, that they threw incinerating devices at it containing flammable substances (gasoline), thus committing arson in the manner described in the investigation papers and the forensic evidence report.

5. Destroyed, along with unknown others, property used for Public Service (the cars owned by the Ministry of Interior), by throwing rocks at it and setting fire to one of the cars destroying it in the manner described in the investigation papers and the forensic evidence report.

6. Destroyed, along with unknown others, premeditatedly private properties and funds by bombarding the buildings, shops and cars described in the investigation papers with rocks and incinerating devices which resulted in substantial monetary loss and placing peoples’ lives and their security in danger, and this is in the manner described in the investigation papers and the forensic evidence reports.

7. Possessed and they had on their persons and without permits firearms [غير مششخنة الماسورة]with an ?illegal? non-striated barrel?

8. Possessed and had on their persons ammunition used in firearms that they are not permitted to possess or have on their persons.

9. Possessed and had on their persons blade weapons used to attack personnel, without permit or legal justification, or an occupational need or necessity.

Second :- Accused Number 9

Possessed and had on his person, with the intention of personal use, narcotic pills of the drug (Tramadol) in a situation other than those approved by law.


Therefore.. we hypothetically would have broken such and such laws as is evidently alleged in pic below…

Crimes we may/may not have allegedly committed in our dreams
[actually they double-underline it too]

And after reviewing chapters 158, 159, 160 of the Criminal Penal Code We Order :

 First :- To Transfer the Case to Cairo Criminal Court and to The Court of Cairo Appeals According to the Texts and Elements of Accusation

 Second :- To Assign Lawyers whose turn it is to defend the accused, and submitted with this order is a list of evidence
[none that I’d seen]


Investigating Judge :
His Honor/
Ahmed Abdulaziz Abdulmigued Qatalan


Out of the 379 accused, out of my group of 51 detained on Nov 19 I remember clearly there were two 14 year olds [who have transformed to 16 year olds in the case papers], the 3 females in the case papers are the same brave ladies that were taken into custody with us on the 19th…


16 year olds – 18

17 year olds – 18

18 year olds – 21

19 year olds – 42

20 year olds – 36

21 year olds – 34


So a TOTAL of 169 who are 21 years or younger who are having these unjust charges leveled against them


22-25 year olds – 92

26-29 year olds – 58


30-35 year olds – 38


36-40 year olds – 13


41-50 years old – 7


51-60 years old – 2


Females – 3 [18, 29, 31 years old]


Students – 113


Non- Egyptians – 1 Syrian [290] & 3 Americans [199, 200, 201]

1 Army conscript whose age was not disclosed



Incidentally the 3 Americans included in the case papers are the 3 AUC students who were alleged to have been throwing molotovs at the Ministry of Interior from a nearby rooftop.


DEAD GIVEAWAY : The 3 petrified students were filmed carrying objects that were clearly alien to them. The WORST part was the MAJOR FAIL when Police Investigators had them filmed with PLASTIC Dasani bottles as their allegedly confiscated molotovs. Everybody knows you can’t make a Molotov out of a plastic bottle!!! It won’t break!!!

American AUC Students Alleged to have Thrown Firebombs [in plastic bottles] uhmmm.. gotta love the spelling for the state of Penny Slovenia : )


Another Point : The Prosecutor probably knows that these American students have left Egypt, and their names are probably thrown in to be used if ever SCAF thinks it stands to win points with the public by attacking America [or rather attacking the names/myth of these 3 unsuspecting students] who have already left the country



All in all it seems to be a shambles of a legal case tossed up to punish Tahrir, not to seek any real justice or knowledge of hwat actually transpired during those days.

From the tone of the papers already it seems that the accused have actually been convicted [along with unknown others, as is evident from the investigation papers]…




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