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And the Academy Award for Best Actress Goes to ….

In its first, reportedly rigged, beauty pageant ever. SCAF & The Supreme Elections Council is set to announce the winner from two finalists picked in the first round (also reportedly rigged). In a ‘competition’ whose rules were laid out and ultimately directed by SCAF, the Egyptian people have picked their candidates mostly out of fear and not hope-  a clear indication that the revolution and its ideals and dreams have lost their weight with time. Now besides the Islamists & ‘revolutionaries’ in Tahrir, another thousand-heavy group, albeit smaller, seems to have formed in front of the Unknown Soldier monument. Shaped as a pyramid-frame, it faces the stands where Sadat was assassinated by Islamists. Another location embossed on World consciousness, like Tahrir. Now the 2 groups stand with only Ghamra, Abasseya and Ramses between them. While the masses are paralyzed with fear that when the presidential prick is named it will unleash the gates of hell, as the 2 groups may set Egypt on fire if they bridge the distance & decide to clash.

Where is SCAF, or where are ‘The Honest Citizens’ – Al Mowatenein Al Shoraf’aa – at a time such as this?? Why don’t they suddenly ‘appear in Abbasseya as they have done time & again & prevent any chance of bloodshed??

Allahum idhrib al thalimeen bill thalimeen.. (literally a defeatist prayer that bears no call to action that says ‘God please cancel the bad guys out’ like some sort of cosmic mathematical equation, with ‘bring us safely out from the midst of them’ as an immediate follow-up) this may not be enough this time to save the day.. maybe some action is required of you today of all days, even in just voicing your opinion on the web or twitter and influencing people that seem combustible with a message of PEACE?


All You Need Is Love…

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