Is my Egyptian dream turning into a Nightmare ?

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
Minassa - Unknown Soldier Monument

Minassa – Unknown Soldier Monument







Friday July 26th 2013- 9.00 pm…


Today has been a brilliant success for the military, the police and the people of Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood and their cronies; these fascist and oppressive religion-labelers with their one-vote-one-time-for-all-time rhetoric and their decades old pull-power, secret networking, sleeper cells and agents and network of money-might. A reality-check for the Muslim Brotherhood and its sister and daughter organizations, its strong and soft arms, who aim to terrorize the Egyptian people into submission to their alternate reality where daily life becomes even more of an obstacle race, where breaking whatever law they come up with, becomes in certain instances, punishable by torture and death- as demonstrated by their choices, when allowed to rule over the traffic intersection in Rabaa alone.


And if you add to that mix the inherent corruption- you get Afghanistan.. or Iraq, or Palestine, or Libya, whichever, take your pick.


Hardcore fundamentalism, weapons in the arms of pseudo-official groups, mob-rule and then it pretty much goes to shit from there.


That – to an unbelievable degree of accuracy- seems to be the extent of US-Zionist imagination for the Middle East and Islam- as has clearly been demonstrated by areas that came under their control or sphere of influence.


Friday July 26, 2013- the Army and Police have, like on the 30th of June, and July 3rd managed to protect the millions that have hit the streets; whether it be the millions that have hit the streets country-wide in refusal to be terrorized, by saying no to the Islam-eques that would label anyone not following their exact brand of religion a heathen or kafir, the aware peoples of Egypt who stood refusing the twisted, cancerous, elastic pseudo-moral grounds upon which these fake-sheikhs found their incitement to violence against others, to a point where their violence becomes random. The army and police also managed to protect those who were quick to support the Army following General Abdul Fattah El Sisi’s call. To counter the numbers and processions of the Islam-esques, to mirror their true following in contrast to the general public- namely all of Egypt. The Army and Police were even keen to protect those inciting to violence- the Muslim Brotherhood and their cronies who stand in defiance to the millions and seem intent on blood and violence; crowds of them who hope to restore their power by proxy through Morsi and his so-called ‘legitimacy’. And though reports indicate that five have died thus far in Alexandria, they also indicate they were all clashes between the people- pro and anti-Morsi, and that neither side have made any accusations against the Military or Police.


Yet the problem is- that usually this indicates the calm before the storm, these are the times when I worry most, as whenever the Brotherhoods’ momentum seems to be hitting a slump or slowing down- presto, a new event occurs to reinstate their image as victims and martyrs for a cause. When they themselves are far from peaceful, or victims and their demands are far from legitimate, to the point that in many processions you find the crowds chanting ‘la ya Sisi, el morshid howwa ra2eesi’ [no to Sisi, the morshid of the brotherhood- Badee’ [one of Morsi’s bosses]- is my president]. So it’s no longer about Morsi, or the legitimacy of the ballot-box [that was overruled by even bigger numbers in a transparent referendum where millions demanded that Morsi no longer stay in office, that they would no longer function under the selfsame corrupt system in place since Mubarak]. It was simply about El Korsi- [literally-chair] the throne of power, and not Morsi. And it was also about the reaping of the gains of Mubarak’s corrupt system, using the self-same tools, while undermining even the most basic principles of how a state should function. Throwing efficiency, accountability, discourse, diversity, completely out of the window, while maintaining arms , releasing convicted terrorists whose loyalties can be guaranteed, and consulting and aligning with foreign powers- such as US Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson and representatives from Turkey, and of course Qatar, to evaluate future tactics against Egypt’s state institutions and population if they should ever retaliate to this injustice and treason. Of pursuing an agenda to which the Egyptian people were not invited.


Turkey alone has been outspoken about its outright disapproval at the ousting of Morsi and his ‘democratic legitimacy’, even hosting the Emergency Summit of the International Muslim Brotherhood Body days after the ousting of Morsi this July 14th to 17th. While repeated shipments of machine guns and shotguns and ammunition made and imported from Turkey have been seized since the conclusion of the summit, with the importer being a leading Muslim Brotherhood figure. This is besides the continuous war of words sanctioned by Erdogan against Egypt’s leaderships and people, for ousting his fellow secret-handshake partner Morsi, and moving to build and salvage Egypt. What neither Erdogan- whose days of oppression and double-talk and secret agendas seem to be numbered- as the free people of Turkey rise against his unjust practices as well, nor the corrupt pro-Mubaraks/ Feloul- who see this as a golden opportunity to reclaim power and fool/terrorize the Egyptian people into submission to their self-same, obsolete security-state-random-governance, nor the Islam-esques with their mutated, monstrous depiction of our beautiful religion and what it truly calls for, none of these seem to understand that the people of Egypt had a dream, and though the idea was not clear at first, yet with every injustice, every martyr, every prisoner, and every lie and mask that falls, the picture gets clearer, and more of us learn the word to our song. This is the last chance for all parties involved that have taken the Egyptian people for granted, belittled them, disrespected them, sidelined them and their legitimate demands.


After the call for the masses to hit the street, and after a firm ultimatum of 48 hours, the Army has tried its best throughout the course of the day to at least appear to be extending a hand, throwing leaflets to the protestors in Rabaa that basically said ‘let’s forget about the whole thing and just go home and we will carry out conservative prosecutions to leaderships and those indicted in violence and killing’. The army even threw flags at them from a helicopter. A strategy that may have saved many lives. To communicate to a substantial portion of those in Rabaa intersection; that are brainwashed or told lies or given much-needed money  to add to the numbers, becoming human shields to Muslim Brotherhood leadership puppet-masters, and fodder for their war-machine to strengthen their negotiation position with the government and army, through contriving bloody confrontations that can later be manipulated in sympathetic world media, or those who pursue a similar agenda for the time being. Even more despicable is that there exists numerous videos of different incidents where members of the Rabaa protestors shoot other pro-Morsi protestors to ‘get things going’, inflame the pro-Morsis into carrying arms and attacking the fortified security ranks, in a clear case of suicide-by-army-or-police.


This is the first time since at least the ousting of Mubarak, if not decades, that Egypt had an intelligent leadership, especially in such a critical situation. Thankfully, a main area of Sisi’s studies in the States.


Yet in reality the coming days and how they are handled hold even more of a threat, will the Army, the police, and the people manage to live up to the moment, as the MB and fundamentalists try to raise the heat against a government and a majority that will not operate under Morsi and ultimately his brotherhood. This is under the light of the security forces’ understanding that they may go home today, yet foster violent aspirations. They may even say they have shed violence, yet it seems that once you’ve crossed that line, it is very hard to refrain from resorting to violence to enforce views that aren’t even necessarily yours.


So now that the military has woken up the Egyptian people from their sleep, will they choose to educate Egyptians and involve them and help them grow into a democracy of fairness and enlightenment and themselves become prophets of a new age for Egypt, or will they lie to us again and make martyrs of those who dare to tell the truth? Was Sisi’s call to show the outside world that Egypt is defiant to those that threaten to turn its coptic-muslim duality to a uniform bearded grey that relies even more on who you know and associate with than any real sense of justice. Or was it to wrest political power once and for all from Tamarrod that successfully voiced people’s aspirations? Already comparisons to Gamal Abdul Nasser are being heralded, and even educated people seem to be hypnotized by a rising Sisi phenomenon to a point where their convictions transcend logic. But the answer lies ultimately within Sisi’s own heart: after the well-meaning people of Egypt have trusted him with their lives, livelihoods, and trusted him with even the yet-unknown and undisclosed Egypt treasures and true wealth, like El Sokarri mountain of pure gold, and after he has been given millions of fans, on top of Egypt’s army might and 40% of Egypt’s economy and its land, what will he choose to do with them?




Saturday 27th 2013, 1.00 pm…


Waking up to the news that since I last looked tens have died and hundreds injured, I wondered why things had to be this way? Why every time things seemed to calm down somewhat some party would become invested in inflaming the situation. Like we are never allowed to live a moment of peace, or catch our breath to build anything. We always have to be grieving. Perhaps a punishment for daring to rise?


Is nothing sacred anymore you power-hungry, blood-thirsty, megalomaniacs? Well I can’t even pose the question to your ignorant or pseudo-educated polishers and enforcers, they have already sold their souls to you and your every command. Not Ramadan, or God’s spoken sanctity of blood, or even Egypt’s reputation and future could deter them from giving us this despicable outcome.


After Egypt enjoyed a day that though tense, and prodded along with a constant fear that some monster lay lurking round the corner, Egypt still overcame and saw a large part of the Egyptian population, regardless of how varied their intentions, answering Sisi’s call to protect Egypt against terror and those that would commit random acts of violence against Egyptian society. A day that, internationally, saw the American congress confirm that this indeed was a popular revolution backed by a national army to salvage the remains of Egypt, and not a coup.


Yet as always there were those invested in inflaming the situation, to further a personal or institutional agenda.


At the early hours of Sunday the 27th of July, clashes erupted between pro-Morsi supporters who seemed headed to block 6th of October bridge, raising fears that they would spill oil and cause chaos as they had done a day earlier on the airport bridge.


The Ministry of Interior says that the pro-Morsis were bent on cutting off Al Nasr highway and 6th of October bridge ramp, then they clashed with police and residents of nearby districts- Mansheyyit Naser, Dweiqa etc. With- according to Interior ministry’s release- pro-Morsis starting with rock-throwing, to which the ministry says they responded with tear gas.


Fact remains that conservative reports document that casualties are in the vast majority pro-Morsis and over 80 have died due to these clashes and over 200 injured- mostly by gun ammunition fire. One police officer passed away in hospital a day later after being shot in the head.


The current Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim, seemed similarly eager to please and use excessive violence under Morsi’s leadership, and we’re talking about this selfsame year, in 2013 alone; such as how he chose to handle the unrest in Port Said [following the verdicts and sentences issued to Port Saidis accused of Al Ahly club massacre in Port Said in 2012,  the massacre which happened during the reign of SCAF, and in which the court ordered the chief suspect of the police to investigate and relay the names of suspects he came up with to the judge and prosecutor based on HIS investigations]. And now again Minister Mohamed Ibrahim immediately calls for the reinstating of the terror-security system that used to spy on everyone- ‘The Division for Tracking Religious and Political activity’ in the defunct ‘Amn Dawla’ that was abolished after the 25Jan Revolution.



Question is- why did the police ignore the build-up of outrageous crimes associated with Rabaa, until the population and the residents, were charged against them to the point that they would soil their hands during the holy month of Ramadan [one of the Hurrum months- where blood and war is to be avoided at all costs, and the most scared of them] and the residents or ‘civilians’ would seemingly take part in events to ‘clear’ these Brotherhood violators.


Why wasn’t the law and its framework utilized by the proper legal channels- namely the prosecution and the police- from the second that suspicions, followed by outright declarations that were clearly not-peaceful- if not plainly categorized as inciting to violence- voiced on Rabaa’s podium? Then with the daily-emergence of torture cases? And all the corpses that were uncovered?


The police would simply give a heavy knowing sigh, and say ‘Yes, it’s Rabaa alright’ and do absolutely nothing.


Why did it necessitate that the army step in when the police had only helped fear, anxiety, apprehension and revenge to grow by doing nothing to serve and protect and process complaints and obvious crimes?


The police like every other corrupt institution in Egypt, needs a complete overhaul; from the criteria upon which civil servants are chosen, to what is instilled within them during their years of learning and gaining experience. When you’re cooking for someone you love, you take extra care that each and every ingredient you use is absolutely perfect, that no fruit or vegetable looks clean on the outside but in reality is rotten to its depths…


So what are you going to feed Egypt this time?




Dawn of May 5 - After the events at Abbasseya...

Dawn of May 5 – After the events at Abbasseya…






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