To my brothers and sisters in Rabaa & Nahdha…

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
Heliopolis- Part of Processions to Ittihadeyya

Heliopolis- Part of Processions to Ittihadeyya



To my brothers and sisters in Rabaa & Nahdha


Al Salamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmattu’llahu wa Barakatuh


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it is shameful that innocent lives were lost in this holy month of Ramadan. I doubt if anyone in Egypt, or the caring and loving brothers and sisters in the Arab and Muslim worlds can say that they enjoyed a ‘complete’ Ramadan this year. Regardless of who is to blame- I ask you, must it go on?


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that most of those who invested into formulating this colossal mess are safe and untouchable whether behind an army of human shields, or in a fortified bunker watched over by security forces. I’m sure you’ll agree that innocents and those that are easy-to-trust and act are those who perish, for regardless of anything else, they have no one to speak up for them or fight for the cause that to some of them meant their lives, while for those pulling the strings it was no more than a timely strategem- easily traded off for future or more immediate gains.


If you’re still reading then I will dare to venture further.. I’m sure that deep down inside you, you know that Morsi did not embody anywhere near your aspirations and dreams for Egypt when change did finally arrive with the Jan25 Revolution. I know, you know that he wasn’t fair, and dealt heavy blows to our beautiful religion by turning the word ‘Islamic’ into a trademark they branded with purely-commercial projects as a sign of corporatised-religious-verification. I think the majority of Egyptians have good intentions, it wouldn’t be worth living in if I believed otherwise. Yet the system, both locally and globally, have tried to force upon us this notion that ‘everyone is corrupt’, everybody has a skeleton in their closet, nobody is pure- well though that is very much the case, anything you may have done is in reality nothing in comparison to how those leading innocents to their deaths plot and scheme. Compared to them, you are a gem that had some dust blown on to it, which whenever you choose, can be blown right back off.


Do you not see that Morsi was not interested in really furthering any of the demands of the revolution; ‘Bread, freedom, Social Justice’, dignity for Egyptians? And please realise that justice does not mean improving the state of some groups within society and giving them power over us all, justice is justice. You may say that he inherited the problems of his corrupt predecesors, Mubarak and Tantawi, yet still you would know that he did nothing to really change them; he used the self-same unjust tools for the same personal ends, or the ends of the Brotherhood by proxy, and simply led Islamists to believe that he was working on some mad-scientist ‘Islamic’ project, while he tricked masses into believing that his decisions which temporarily aligned with the demands of the revolutionaries, were to further the demands and not because of a coincidential alignment. For example- his getting rid of Abdel migueed Mahmud who the revolutionaries and reformists have been crying their hearts out to topple yet were getting nowhere as he was the Prosecutor General that would soften the blows on the deep-state and hide the evidence that would incriminate or reveal the true extent of corruption and criminality, the Brotherhood just got rid of one ‘power-loyal prosecutor’ to replace him with Talaat Abdallah who would be loyal to them. It was not to bring about an independent and just and reform-oriented prosecutor. If you have doubts, then ask yourself, hasn’t the brotherhood made the self-same alliances Mubarak made in instances to further their goals and domination over Egypt. In all honesty, do you even know what the true intentions of the leaders of the secretive brotherhood? Do you even know who’s paying for the party? How can you so blindly sign away your fate and that of others based on some wishful imaginary image in your head that can in no way be substantiated because the consistent pattern of events that this image is fictitious and a manipulation is overwhelming. Do you truly not see that they were simply a mutated direct continuation of the injustice suffered under Mubarak- with a different spin, mask, flavour, and no real substance, with a totally foreign cotext to Egyptians as a whole? Do you blame those who took to the streets on the 30th or those who defended them because they stopped the brotherhood from furhter destroying Egypt, its identity, its oneness. Egyptians have been generous with their knowledge, wealth and tolerance for millenia; always having searched for truth and shared it with others in Pharaonic, Coptic and Muslim times.  We have been a most important chapter in most prophets’ lives, and mentioned repeatedly in Abrahamic scriptures, which is my fundamental irk with anyone claiming to represent the truest-of-true-totally-100%-straight-to-heaven-guaranteed religion, I believe they are trying to force ALL of EGYPT into a miniscule box, that is but a minute fraction of its true worth- simply because Egypt is so much bigger and more sacred.


You know what.. let’s cut the BS.. you have been conditioned without knowing all the facts, and so have the majority of Egypt. Problem is- right now, with the final minutes of fasting, all calls to defend and be merciful to you, despite your merciless actions and strategies, will be off- and rightly so. We have put up with your terror, destructiveness, while you used this time to further scheme and undermine the nation’s abilities- to the point where the majority of the population truly believes that you are the local-end of a much bigger international-conspiracy to take Egypt down a bloody spiral, meant to change it’s identity yet again by damaging its oneness. I beg you, you, all of us will go and believe me Egypt will remain. So please come to your senses and save yourself from washing your hands in the blood of your brother, and save your brother from washing his hands in yours…


Al Salamu ‘Alaikum

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