#EgyptPolice Complacency To Regime Plans Forcing Prisoners Out Of Prison To Spread Fear & Chaos

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Video shows Army personnel holding a number of escaped prisoners in desert terrain..[possibly along Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in the vicinity of Wadi El Natroun & Sadat City]



Voice: You son, rolling on your right side… Who busted you out of prison?

Escaped 1: The Ministry of Interior busted the prison open ya basha [Sir]..

Escaped 2: I’ll tell you ..Everything happened in front of me ya basha..

Voice: What happened?

Escaped 2: What happened is that all the police..the detectives & the Police who are in charge of the prison itself dressed in plain clothes –I swear to God- and they got the weapons & they got a bulldozer – by God’s Holy Book- and they demolished the prison & it was them that drove us out..

Voice: Which prison do you belong to?

Escaped 2: 440 [Wadi El Natroun Maximum Security Prison, Near Sadat City on Cairo-Alex Desert Road]

Escaped 3: I came from 430 Sir[Another Maximum Security Prison in Wadi El Natroun Prison Area]

Voice: Wadi El Natroun?

Escaped 2 & 3: Yes

Escaped 3: They shot these canisters at us [gestures shape of tear gas canister]

Escaped 2: And anyone who refuses to leave they would kill him- by God’s Holy Book, they said anyone who doesn’t leave will be killed…

Voice 2: Enough.. Enough.. Enough…

Prisoner Complains…

Voice:  It’s not as if you came from Hadayeq El Qobba.. [a Cairo residential area that used to be held in high social standing decades ago]



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